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A show on top of a rooftop was our first adventure into immersive theater format. The sky is the limit.  Literally, we did our show on the rooftop of one of the Wicker Park buildings. The impressive Chicago skyline was included as well. Nothing beats Chicago in August. We had much fun and our audience was thrilled.


Yes, we were the first theater to open to a live audience in Chicago in 2021. Gigi's Party was performed at the Athenaeum Theater from April 21 to April 25.  Very limited audience,  and a lot of covid tests and caution; but we did and with astounding success. 

The play explores the highly positive, transformational benefits of technology against humanity’s struggle to adjust to rapid technological progress. The play questions how people will adjust to even quite positive and life-enhancing changes. How will technology change our life a few years from now?  How the future generation will handle depression and suicide and deal with it? What role will religion have in the future? These are some of the enduring questions that will be transformed by technology, but that we as individuals and as a society will still have to address.

In November 2021, we took our immersive show indoors, inside a home saloon. Five short plays that delighted all in attendance.  No one will ever forget "the Christmas of November." The plays were served with some mulled wine too :)


Yes. We did it again. This time much bigger, and way more fun..

12 Shows total

4 Sold out shows

More than 200 new partons

Countless hours putting together a full-length play from the ground up..

.. And here is some of what you told us:

"An unfiltered and completely politically incorrect, intellectually curious, thought provoking and breaking the norms play."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the play and the performance - provocative, timely, intelligent, and compelling"

A thought-provoking play about relationships, religion, and the meaning of life in the future where we live to be 160. Congratulations... I absolutely love it"


The Yellow Rose Theater was born in March 2020... Then... When life gives you Quarantine, you create Zoom Episodes! Six episodes were written, performed and directed on Zoom during quarantine about life a few days after quarantine..  

The Yellow Rose Theater - Zoom Episodes - YouTube

"My Ideal Match !" took us to the next level up. We continue to use non-traditional spaces and use large film location studios.  Here is a sample of what heard from our audience after the show :


"Hilarious & Smart"

"We LOVED it, when is the next one?"

"My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed “My Ideal Match”  The shows were engaging, and we marveled at your wonderful talent and production values."


The Playwright Zone: Scared Silly; Nov 4-6, 2022

What a jam-packed weekend for The Playwright Zone: Scared Silly‼️

🔪SEVEN original plays
🔪FOUR performances
🔪THREE days

Thank you to all who came out and watched, and to all who made it possible. This show was a spooky good time👻🎃

GIG'S PARTY - Aug 17 - Sept 3rd, 2022

TPZ Rehearsal Shots (1 of 11)

TPZ Rehearsal Shots (1 of 11)

The Playwright Zone Teaser V1.00_00_39_08.Still002

The Playwright Zone Teaser V1.00_00_39_08.Still002

The Playwright Zone Teaser V1.00_01_11_16.Still008

The Playwright Zone Teaser V1.00_01_11_16.Still008

TPZ Rehearsal Shots (8 of 11)

TPZ Rehearsal Shots (8 of 11)

TPZ Rehearsal Shots (4 of 11)

TPZ Rehearsal Shots (4 of 11)

TPZ Rehearsal Shots (11 of 11)

TPZ Rehearsal Shots (11 of 11)



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